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What Are The Characteristics Of Reverse Osmosis Techniques In Reverse Osmosis Equipment?

What Are The Characteristics Of Reverse Osmosis Techniques In Reverse Osmosis Equipment?


Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technique that is pressure-transmitted by means of a function of the transmission (semi-transmissive) film. When the pressure added in the system is greater than the infiltration pressure, the water molecule is constantly transmitting the film. After the water flow path flows into the center tube, the impurities in the water are out of the water, such as ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc., are trapped on the water side of the membrane, and then flow out at a water outlet, thereby achieving the separation and purification purpose.

Today, urban water quality is worrying, and all enterprises have been trapped, while the pure water equipment developed by the pure water industry can filter raw water, remove sediment, residual chloride, and various bacterial impurities to meet the production water standards for enterprises. Industrial reverse osmosis pure water equipment production material uses a sanitary tube valve, on-site cleaning, meet GMP or FDA production specifications and industrial water internal control standards.

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The Characteristics Of Reverse Osmosis Techniques In Reverse Osmosis Equipment:

1. Reverse osmosis is to desrt salt containing saline under room temperature, and brine containing saline. The desalination rate of ultra-thin composite film components can reach 99.5%, and can remove colloids, organic matter, bacteria, viruses in water simultaneously.

2. Using a fully automatic pretreatment system to achieve unmanned operation.

3. adopt imported reverse osmosis membrane, high desalination rate, long service life, low operating cost.

4. use imported Granz to increase the pump, high efficiency low noise, stable and reliable.

5. online water quality monitoring control, monitor water quality changes in real time, and ensure water quality.

6. Cut the personalized design of local water quality to meet the needs.

7. Fully automatic electronic control procedure, but also a touch screen operation, easy to use.

8. purified water equipment covers a small area, and the space required is also small.

9. The degree of automation of reverse osmosis devices is high, and the operation and maintenance and equipment maintenance work are rare.

10. the treatment of water relies only by the pressure of water as a driving force, and its energy consumption is the lowest in many processing processes.

11. Do not have a large amount of chemical and acid, alkali regeneration treatment, no chemical liquid emissions, no environmental pollution

Industrial reverse osmosis equipment must be cleaned regularly, and verify the cleaning effect, and the materials contacted by water in addition to the materials that are stainless steel or other validation will not produce contaminate the product.

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