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Various types of metering pumps

Various types of metering pumps


Chemical Dosing Polymer Metering Pump Dosing Pumps

Product Description

Manual Type Solenoid Diaphragm Metering Pump for Dosing Liquid Chemicals

Manual control the flow rate by adjusting button on control panel. There are two frequency choices (0-20% and 0-100%). It can display the power condition. Mounting bracket is attached.


Pressure (bar) range 20-8 bar, flow rate range 2.5-7L/h, stroke flow rate 0.35-0.97ml/stroke, connection pipe 4mm inside diameter and 6mm outside diameter for suction, and 4mm inside diameter and 7mm outside diameter for discharge, frequency max.120 strokes/min., power is 20W.


This series metering pump covers complete range of flow rate, and has complete functions of solenoid metering pump, so it is easy to choose the model No.. The series metering pump has almost the same installation size, whichever model No. the customers choose, it is convinient to plan installation place when making engineering design.

Remarks, it is convinient to reduce stock quantity and reduce stock of spare parts.

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