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Time Type/Down -flow Runxin control valve TM.F63C TM.F68C TM.F67C

Time Type/Down -flow Runxin control valve TM.F63C TM.F68C TM.F67C


                                                                   hot-sale products Time Type/Down -flow  Runxin control valve  TM.F63C TM.F68C TM.F67C 

Product characteristics:Make real time analysis for softener's outlet water hardness.when the hardness of the outlet water is over 0.03mmol/L,the device will        send out a signal.

Take reagent in through hole of moving disk,and take sampling water in mixed cavity which is more accurate and consistent

Hardness of raw water: 3-10mg-n /L         

Residual hardness of effluent: ≤0.03 mg-n /L

Working pressure: 0.15-0.6mpa              

Operating temperature: 5-45℃

Automatic power supply: 220V 50Hz

If the inlet pressure is lower than 0.15mpa,

 the total pressure loss of pipeline pump

equipment should be installed: 0.03mp

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