the importance of maintenance

by:Onelynn     2020-02-28
Water and wastewater treatment are two important processes to protect our water source and human life.That\'s why water treatment companies are constantly working to improve the technology used in these processes.However, the problem is that, despite the advances in these technologies, they are often poorly maintained.
Whether it is due to improper training, poor management, or just irresponsible uninterest, the shortage of water plant maintenance is a serious problem.The World Health Organization reported that in 2016, 54 of all cholera cases worldwide were from Africa.This means that African locals and international travelers to the continent account for more than half of the total number of infections.
However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because cholera is only one of many water-borne diseases.This is what water and wastewater treatment companies have to prevent when designing factories.However, if these plants are not maintained, the treatment becomes obviously less effective.
For example, if the filter is not maintained and replaced as needed, it will stop performing its functions.To make matters worse, filters that are severely faulty can even become breeding grounds for disease.It looks a lot like any household filter that starts to be built (such as a coffee maker or swim pool pump)up of dirt.
In addition to the sewage treatment plant, this accumulation is highly toxic.On 2017, an article by The Post and The Guardian referred to the economic burden of toxic water, reporting on the serious economic burden of toxic pollution caused by the failure of the sewage treatment plant in 2016.The report states that the Ministry of Water and sanitation has spent £ 145.
The cost of repairing the factory is 5 million rand.This is already a huge loss, and the report also mentions that the maintenance costs of the six different waste treatment plants are 0.3 billion Lante.It is clear that maintenance is a serious problem for the lives of our citizens and the economy of South Africa.
That\'s why in the WEC project we put our efforts into the manufacture of solid, high quality water and sewage treatment plants.The design of these factories is sustainable and our experienced professional staff knows how to maintain them and even how to help others maintain them.Contact us to learn how to move towards a healthier future with cleaner water!.
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