the energy 202: three misleading things about trump\'s clean air tweet

by:Onelynn     2020-03-04
US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Monday that the United States has \"the cleanest air in the world --BY FAR!
\"He supported the statement by posting a map depicting littlelung on Twitter --
Compared with many parts of Africa, the Middle East and East Asia, North Korea\'s ash is spread all over the country.
The president has developed a habit of pointing out relatively clean air in the United States in interviews and speeches.
Just last week, Trump told The Associated Press, \"I want the cleanest air on Earth, and the air we have now is cleaner than ever.
The air in the United States is indeed much cleaner than in many other countries.
Especially the growing weight of development
Industrial bases like India and China.
Even so, there are at least three different misleading tweets from Trump on Monday night.
First of all, if the map shows who wins, it\'s former President Barack Obama.
The map released by Trump comes from a report by the World Health Organization or who.
But it shows 2016 of the world\'s air quality data.
That was, of course, a year before Trump took office.
Then President Barack Obama has put in place a plan to curb more ash emissions from the country\'s electricity sector.
The Trump administration canceled the plan because it relaxed pollution restrictions on power plants, although analysis by Trump\'s own Environmental Protection Agency showed that Obama\'s clear power plan would save thousands of people every year.
These particles are known to be embedded in the blood and airway and are associated with fatal heart and lung diseases.
Even without this rule, the concentration of tiny particles has dropped in the United States since at least 2000.
Part of the reason is economic, not political. S.
The coal plant has stopped carbon-free emissions.
Intensive forms of power generation, including natural gas, wind energy and solar energy, are growing.
Second, the statement added on the mapthat \"none in [the]U. S.
\"Exposure to higher levels of pollution than recommended by WHO --is inaccurate. .
Although the air quality in large parts of the United States is good, there is still some concern about pollution in the United States. In total, 45U. S.
Cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles, with a special center, according to John Volcker, he is a clean city
Air counsel for the defense team of the Natural Resources Defense Committee.
That means tens of millions of Americans are facing harmful pollution from fine particles.
None of them.
Finally, as Trump claims, the United States does not have the best air quality in the world.
According to the WHO database on the average concentration of fine particulate matter in cities in Australia, Brunei, Canada, Estonia, Finland and Iceland, in 2016, Sweden and New Zealand were less polluted than in the United States.
Nevertheless, the United States ranked first by this standard. 9.
This is not an achievement worthy of ridicule.
The president is right to say that America has clean air.
Not the highest level.
But the bigger truth behind Trump\'s tweet may be how the two major parties react to America\'s success. S.
Control of air pollution.
Republicans like Trump look at relatively clean air in the United States and say there is no need to put in place additional air regulations to put a real burden on businesses.
They believe that, in fact, some existing rules can be rolled back safely.
Democrats look at the same data and say success is due to air
Pollution Rules formulated in 1970 and established by successive presidential governments.
They saw clear air and evidence that the existing rules worked.
The Republican approach is the one to win.
The Environmental Protection Agency is not only cutting rules designed to limit power supply --
Factory emissions but aims to control smog emissions
Car pollution will also be formed.
To prove this, look at others, in addition to the Twitter account of Andrew Wheeler, the agency EPA governing body.
Shortly after Trump released the map, Wheeler forwarded it. —An 11th-
Stay Time: Late last week, the Supreme Court stopped the landmark climate change case brought by young activists, bringing a significant but temporary victory to the federal government.
Brought under Obama\'s leadership and continued under Trump\'s leadership, brought by \"21 young people who believe America\'s failureS.
Brady Dennis of the Post reported: \"Leaders who deal with climate change violate their constitutional right to a clean environment . \".
What happens next: Michael Gerrard, a law professor at Columbia University, said it was \"very rare, if not unprecedented, the Supreme Court ordered a trial while the court of appeal was still hearing the case.
In response, a children\'s lawyer submitted a copy of 103-
Page retorted that the Trump administration did not encounter legal obstacles during its stay.
Read the profile of Julia Olsen, a lawyer for John Schwartz at the New York Times. —Ex-
Monsanto executives will be promoted to the Trump administration: the White House has announced plans to nominate former Monsanto official Orelia skip as FBI directorS.
Fish and Wildlife Services, according to Hill.
She currently serves as deputy assistant secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, after more than six years in Monsanto.
She also worked in the Ministry of Agriculture. —
Welcome back, Snow: The mountain is in the middle on the weekend
For the first time in the Atlantic region this year, snowfall has accumulated, and the Post\'s Ian Livingston reports, \"for the highest terrain in the middle, it\'s more or less correctAtlantic.
\"Elsewhere: over the weekend, a powerful storm could develop along the East Coast, bringing heavy rain, mountain snow, strong coastal winds and high seas, the Post\'s Jason samenowreport reports.
\"It\'s too early to predict exactly how the storm will unfold and where it will suffer the most severe blow.
It is also possible to be directed more to sea and minimize the impact. ”—
Austin\'s floods: residents of Austin, Texas, after record rainfall last week and subsequent flooding caused silt levels in the water to rise.
On Monday, before consumption, I went through a citywide notice asking for at least three minutes of boiling water.
\"A lot of debris, silt and mud need additional filtration, which will slow the process of processing water into the system,\" Texas court reported . \". —
\"Evil purple urchin\": Plum
Shellfish of quarterly size
In an underwater forest off the northern coast of California, inch spikes are devouring.
The New York Times reports that these forests are critical to the oceans because they \"absorb carbon emissions and provide important habitat and food for a variety of species \".
\"But when climate change triggers 60-
In the folding explosion of purple sea urchins on the northern coast of California, sea urchins frantically feed and kelp is swallowed up. ”—D. C.
Seeking autonomy
Car Standards: before Ford set up a driverless transportation system in Washington in 2021, officials in the region called on the automaker to meet standards in terms of safety, cyber security and pollution, michael Lares of The Post reports.
The inter-agency autonomous vehicle working group in the city created a \"declaration of principles for autonomous vehicles\" stating that vehicles \"should help reduce the carbon footprint of the area and limit other forms of traffic --
Related Pollution” City-
Laris added that level standards may be restricted if federal lawmakers pass driverless legislation. —
Germany will help solve the LNG terminal problem: according to The Wall Street Journal, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the German government will pay part of the cost of the $0. 576 billion LNG terminal, to ease trade tensions with the United States, Trump imposed sanctions on the North Creek pipeline 2. “German and U. S.
Officials say Berlin wants the United StatesS.
Natural gas may help resolve long-standing trade disputes and may even ease Washington\'s threat to the disputed North Creek 2 pipeline, which will deliver gas from Russia to Germany, and make the latter European country more Russian leader Vladimir PutinTodayComing Up—
\"That\'s what they call vandalism\": a resident of the beach in Mexico, Florida.
I was trying to clean up after Hurricane Michael.
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