sydney\'s drinking water to improve with $100m mine water project, securing 600 jobs

by:Onelynn     2020-02-26
A mine water treatment project designed to improve the water quality of the Coxs River entering Sydney\'s drinking water basin was approved.
The Planning Assessment Board approved the Springvale water treatment project, which will include the construction of a pipeline to transfer the discharge of salt water from the Springvale mine near Lithgow to the Piper Hill power station for processing.
Springville coal mine is the only source of coal from the Piper Hill power plant, which produces 15% of New South Wales power.
The mine and power station employ approximately 300 people each, and the owner of the site, Centennial Coal and Energy Australia, believes that water treatment projects are critical for future operations.
It\'s been a long time.
There is concern that waste water will be discharged into Sydney\'s drinking water basin.
But Katie Brassil, from Centennial Coal, says the project will solve these problems completely.
\"We have actually fulfilled our commitments,\" MS Brassil said . \".
\"For us, the important job now is to continue to build this very important regional infrastructure, but we have received overwhelming support in [
Planning and Evaluation Committee
Meetings from local communities.
\"Keith Wong, director of the Colong Foundation, said the water treatment project was a victory for the environment and Sydney drinking water.
\"We are very happy about this;
We just hope this happened many years ago . \"
But Mr Nguyen said he was concerned that a condition included in the project approval would give supporters two years to implement the changes.
He said that would mean another two years of saltwater discharge in the river before the situation improved.
This is a tense moment for the Lithgow area, because if the project is not approved by June 30, the mine and the power station will face a potential shutdown because the mine will not be in it
MS Brassil said the favorable decision was a relief to the local community.
\"Work Safety and Energy Reliability in the regional region are absolutely critical and I am sure the Lithgow community will be very happy with this result,\" she said . \". Topics:mining-environmental-
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