real thing or rip-off?

by:Onelynn     2020-02-18
The mineral water owner called for an investigation into Coca today.
Coca-Cola plans to sell filtered tap water for 95 p per bottle.
The Natural Mineral Water Association has accused the soft drink giant of \"pulling wool from the eyes of the public\", claiming that its new bottled water is \"pure water,\" in fact it is purified water from the Sidcup.
In a plan that reflects a famous episode of \"Only Fools and Horses\", Del Boy Trotter tries to sell tap water as \"Peckham Spring\"
Coke admitted yesterday that Dasani, the source of its newly designed water, was actually the main source of water supply at the Kent plant.
Water, Coca-
The price of Coke is about 500 ml P, which is purified and filtered before adding trace minerals to make it taste better.
Supply Thames Water in the Sidcup area to sell its products at a price equal to 0.
031635 p is 500 ml.
The Natural Mineral Water Association says consumers may be misled into thinking Dasani is a natural product.
It has written to the Bureau of Food Standards to request an investigation and to call on coca
Coke gave up its claim that Dasani was \"pure still water.
Ian Hall, president of the association, said: \"We do not think that the public should blindfold the wool.
In fact, the label describes it as \"pure water\" when we talk about tap water \".
The National Consumer Council said: \"We all laughed at the idea when Del Boy bottled Peckham Spring.
We don\'t believe it will happen in real life, but coca
Coke seems to be perfectly acceptable.
\"You can buy tap water filters if you think it is necessary.
However, the fact is that the purity of tap water is very high.
\"People will think twice and pay up to 95 p for a bottle of water they have already paid through their family bill. \" Coca-
As part of the brand\'s global expansion, Coca-Cola is launching Dasani in the UK with an investment of £ 7 million, which is already the second
The best-selling bottled water in the United States.
The French version of Dasani will be made from natural mineral water sources in Belgium instead of tap water. Coca-
Coca-Cola says the water has gone through a \"very complex purification process\", meaning the product is \"as pure as bottled water \".
Water first removes \"particles and organic debris\" and chlorine through three separate filters.
The next stage, called reverse osmosis, forces water through fine membranes to remove \"bacteria, viruses, salt, minerals, sugar, protein and toxin particles \".
According to coca, then add calcium, magnesium and baking soda to seasonCola.
Barry Clark, a UK water company spokesman representing suppliers, said the advice behind the process seemed to be that tap water was impure.
\"We don\'t think there are any impurities in the tap water,\" he said . \".
\"People don\'t need to buy these things in order to get high-quality, healthy water.
\"It\'s fine if they like bottles, convenience, style, but I don\'t think that\'s the way they market this product.
The Thames says it has more than 99 running water.
Accounting for 92 of the tests.
\"If the water regulator thinks more treatment is needed, they will ask us to do so,\" said spokesman Chris Shipway . \".
Judith Snyder, brand public relations manager at Dasani, confirmed that they used \"municipal\" supplies.
\"The source of water does not matter --
This will not affect the end result, \"she said.
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