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Portable ultraviolet sterilizer uv disinfector

Portable ultraviolet sterilizer uv disinfector


I. DESCRIPTION of UV Sterilizer:

1, the use of high quality UV C lamp, lamp continuous service life up to more than 9000 hours. The stability of disinfection system operation, low failure rate.

2, ultraviolet disinfection system in the same disinfection light dose and the number of lamp, sterilization efficiency is higher, disinfection reliability is stronger. And has 

the high power ULTRAVIOLET ray to offer the user the choice.It is suitable for treating drinking water and removing bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the water. 

The equipment is designed according to the NSF 

TITLE 55 standard of the United States, with an effective dose of 38MJ/CM3 and an sterilization rate of 99.9% or above.The effective service life of the lamp tube with the maximum working pressure of 8KG/ CM3 is 9000 hours, and the good water quality can be extended to 12000 hours accordingly. The power supply is 220V/50HZ reactor material standard and

 304SS stainless steel is prepared. 316SS material can be provided according to the special requirements of the user.

Ii. Specifications and Models:

Voltage (V) : 220; Motor Power (KW):0.02; Weight (Kg) : 20; External dimension (mm):100*630; Have, production capacity (T/h):0.5





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