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waste water treatment Ozone generator

waste water treatment Ozone generator


                                                                                       waste water treatment Ozone generator 

1.2 Ozone Typical Application 

1.1 Principle of ozone generated Due to the instability of ozone molecule, which embodies the ozone with property of inconvenience of transporting and store, ozone must be produced on spot. Titanium – quartzose tube discharging, which is applied for the OZ series ozone generator is popular and effective and economical method to produce ozone. When passing through the chamber which is constituted with high voltage tolerant quartzose insulator and titanium board, the oxygen molecules are obtained energy and combine as ozone molecules. Then ozone gas is generated. The ozone molecules are much instable and apt to react with each other into oxygen molecule

Disinfection for drinking service system, remove color 

Disinfection for drinking water system 

Sterilizing for pool water and scenery water

Sterilizing for circulating water of cooling tower

Odor removal and color removal of industrial waste water 

Chemical industryPetrochemical industryDeli production industryDisinfecting water production

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