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Ionpure EDI Module for water treatment EDI Electrodeionization

Ionpure EDI Module for water treatment EDI Electrodeionization
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Auto Electric Cell Automatic EDI Module Deionized Water 

Ionpure EDI Module for Ultrapure Water for Lab Use

Product Description

Electrodeionization (EDI) is a process that uses ion exchange resins to absorb

 ions from a dilute water stream and then transports the absorbed ions through

 ion-exchange membranes into a concentrate water stream under the influence

 of an applied electro field. In the process,ion exchange resins do not need to 

regeneration via acid or alkali. This new technology could replace traditional

 Electrode ionization (DI) equipment, product ultrapure water whose resistance up to 18 MΩ·cm.


Advantages of EDI technology

A mixed bed ion exchange unit has to be regenerated by using acid and alkali, 

but an EDI system does not need such a process. This is the fundamental advantage

 of EDI technology over the conventional ion exchange technology. However, this

 advantage can be expressed into other aspects as listed below.

1. EDI process does not consume regeneration chemicals.

2. EDI process does not create waste water and much more environmental.

3. EDI systems do not require shutdown for regeneration.

4. EDI systems are smaller than mix bed ion exchange units.

5. EDI process provides water of consistent quality.

6. Operating expenses are lower than ion exchange units.


Applicationof EDI technology

EDI typically may be used in any applications that require ultrapure water at a resistivity 

above 1 MΩ·cm. The typical industries that use ultrapure water include:

1. Microelectronic and semiconductor production.

2. Pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

3. Chemical production.

4. High pressure boiler such as the ones in power plants

Advantages of EDI module

Super EDI has the different advantages from other EDI modules as following:

1. EDI does not consume salts in operating and need much lower operating expenses.

2. EDI broadens the feed water limit adequately.

3. EDI does not need to recycle the concentrate, which makes the system much simpler.

4. EDI systems require little energy

Operation conditions and specifications

The quality of feed water and other operation conditions greatly affect the success of EDI 

systems, and may result in unrecoverable damages to the modules.  Because  of this, the

 quality of feed water has to be strictly controlled. Each of the following requirements has to

 be met with normal operations and for the validation of its warranty.

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