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ion exchange resin

ion exchange resin


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Resin specifications:                                              

1. Appearance: golden to tan ball particles                            

2. Factory form: sodium type

3. Main performance indexes:

Ordinal index name index

Water content % 46-52

1 total exchange capacity (mmol/g) 4.5

2. Moisture apparent density (g/ml) 0.77-0.87

3. True wet density (g/ml) 1.24-1.28

Particle size (0.315-1.25mm) ≥95

6 after grinding ball rate % ≥95

Iii. Reference standards for use:

1.PH range: 1-14

2. Maximum operating temperature: hydrogen ≤100°C sodium 120°C

3. Type I variable expansion rate % :(H+ -na +)8-10

4. Concentration of regenerated solution: NaCl: 3-10%; HCl: 4-5%; NaOH: 4-5%

5. Amount of regeneration solution: NaCl: (8-10%)

6. Velocity of regenerated liquid: 5-8m/h

7. Regeneration contact time: 30-60min

8. Washing velocity: 10-20m/h

9. Washing time: about 30min

10. Running velocity: 10-40m/h

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