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Installation and adjustment of water softener outside

Installation and adjustment of water softener outside


                                                                                                                         Water softener equipment technician out of mode and installation



1) High degree of automation, stable water supply condition and long service life. The whole process of automatic operation, only need to add salt manually periodically.


2) High efficiency, low energy consumption and low operating cost. 


3) The equipment is compact in structure and occupies a small area. It does not need special equipment foundation. It can be placed directly on the flat cement floor.


4) Easy to use, easy to install, debug and operate, stable performance of control components, can relieve users'worries.


5) Corrosion-resistant, pollution-free, lead-free brass control valve body, exchange tank lined with PE food-grade plastic, salt box made of PE, these are enough to ensure the excellent performance of corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, non-toxicity, tasteless and harmless of the equipment.



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