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No. 6,190,528 (the '528 patent, which is based upon Chinese Patent No. ) and whose whole disclosure is integrated by reference herein. In the '528 patent, an insulated internet-separating wall is positioned between a pair of anion and cation trade membranes to form a special membrane bag sort flow unit (hereinafter referred to a “first move unit”).

Each first circulate unit is linked with at least one slot on a facet wall of a central pipe, and is rolled to type a spiral wounded cylinder construction which facilities on the central pipe. Electro-deionization is a method that removes ionizable species from liquids utilizing electrically-energetic media in an electrical potential to influence ion transport. The electrically-active media might alternatively collect and discharge ionizable species, or facilitate the transport of ions repeatedly by ionic or electronic substitution mechanisms. Over past decade , we have provide and design GMP or UPS normal pure water system for above a hundred pharmaceutical factories. Detailed Images Customers We are on the exhibtions for water therapy for pharmaceutical use About Molecular Chongqing Molecular Water System Co.

The DC motor one hundred ten is coupled to a continuing present DC power supply 108 that is controlled by the automatic control system a hundred. The automated management system a hundred includes a sampling circuit 102, a reference voltage circuit 104, an amplifying circuit 106, the DC power supply 108, the DC motor one hundred ten and the gear field 112. As a operate of the sampling circuit 102 and the reference voltage circuit 104, the DC voltage is continually compared to the reference voltage and the difference is amplified by the amplifying circuit 106. The output of the amplifying circuit 106 prompts the DC motor one hundred ten to function the spindle S of the autotransformer T to adjust the voltage, thereby stabilizing the DC output current. To facilitate the operator in acquiring the proper DC current and voltage output, an ammeter A and voltmeter V are supplied, as shown in FIG.

By eliminating resin regenerating chemical substances, EDI delivers significant financial and environmental advantages. EDI’s continuous course of improves water high quality by decreasing water high quality spikes and upsets. Located in a severely water scarce space in Tarragona, our buyer, Gas Natural, wanted to transform seawater into ultrapure water for energy production.

Thus, the operator can manually regulate the autotransformer T to acquire the correct DC current/voltage output by monitoring the ammeter A and voltmeter V. 7 is a schematic of the present invention offering steady DC present output to a plurality of EDI modules coupled in sequence thereto and utilizing a single-part AC input.

After years concentrated in water therapy , Molecular has obtained 36 patents & new expertise underneath the steerage of our CEO---Marco Ma. The Dilute and Concentrate chambers are separated by ion change membranes. The membranes are comparable in materials and cost to the ion trade resin. For instance, cation change membranes only allow cations to cross, and anion change membranes only enable anions to cross. Water and oppositely charged ions could not move throughout the ion trade membrane used in EDI.

The electrical water dissociation produces the continuous regeneration of resins by hydrogen and hydroxide ions. This dissociation preferentially occurs at bipolar interfaces in the ion-depleting compartment the place localized circumstances of low solute concentrations are most likely to occur . Regenerating the resins to their H+ and OH– types enable EDI units to remove weakly ionized compounds similar to carbonic and silicic acids and to remove weakly ionized natural compounds. Electro deionization is the expertise of selection for initiatives that require pure product water and stringent wastewater discharge necessities.

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