glenelg wastewater \'too expensive\' to be reused, high costs result in wastage, opposition says

by:Onelynn     2020-02-26
The Liberal opposition in South Australia said too much waste water was discharged at sea because of the high cost of reuse of waste water.
According to the data, the glenelge sewage treatment plant has been delivering most of the water to the sea, and only a small part of the water is delivered to the park and other facilities for reuse through pipelines.
Opposition water spokesman Tim Whetstone said more parliament would use recycled water if it was more economical.
\"What we have to consider is the cost of water, whether it be wastewater or drinking water,\" he said: \"The cost of water in South Australia is too high and the feasibility of wastewater is not currently economically driven . \".
\"When we are faced with drought and water shortages, it is completely ridiculous to deliver water that can be reused to the Gulf.
Water from Glenelg sewage treatment plant (
Waste water treatment plant)
Can be re-easily
Used for public toilets, public protected areas and gardens, and may even be used for industrial purposes, but must be provided at affordable prices.
\"Mr. Whetstone is also concerned that the water flowing out to the Bay may have an adverse effect on seaweed and the local marine environment.
Stephen Patterson, mayor of hodeford Bay, said the Glenelg area benefited from the use of circulating water.
\"The council has a good working relationship with SA Water and over the past 10 years recycled Water has allowed the council to provide attractive parks and open spaces in our council [area],\" he said. \"[That]
In such a key tourist area of the state, there are significant benefits for most communities and the local business economy.
\"Mr. Patterson said he hoped the council would be able to maintain the project, provided that circulating water was provided at the same cost.
\"The Commission is an early adop for this environmental project, and we see its environmental benefits, and of course, in the future we will consider keeping the cost price we currently enjoy,\" he said . \".
The state government said in a statement that it was maximizing the use of water from sewage treatment plants and continued to seek new opportunities for circulating water.
The company said the Glenelg sewage treatment plant was delivered 3.
8 billion litres of repeated water for recreational and commercial purposes each year, including new housing development for Adelaide park and Bowden.
\"SA Water is currently negotiating some other major Water reuse projects with the State Council and other authorities,\" the statement wrote . \".
\"This includes the link between the Aldinga and Christies plant, which will increase the circulating water available to primary producers.
\"The state government has developed a comprehensive water policy that continues to provide water safety and use options for families and businesses in South Australia. \"Topics:water-
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