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by:Onelynn     2020-02-28
The pioneer of water filtration was the Egyptians more than 1,500 years ago.According to history, Egyptians have different water treatment methods, such as boiling on fire, heating in the sun, or immersing a piece of heated iron in it.Some Egyptians also chose to filter boiling water through some sand and gravel.
They then cool the filtered water before drinking it.In 1804, John Gibb built the first water supply system in the city of Paisley, Scotland.A few years later, the filtered water was sent to Glasgow.
In 1806, a large water treatment plant began to operate in Paris.First, the water has settled for 12 hours before filtering.Sand and charcoal are used in water filtration.
Sand and charcoal are replaced every six hours.Then in 1827, James Simpson, created a sand filter for water treatment.The historical background of the water filter proves that water is critical to every generation.
Why do people filter water?Water is a good solvent that absorbs a variety of contaminants.If there are some harmful contaminants in the water, humans should not take them.Therefore, water treatment is very important in the process of cleaning water.
Through water treatment, the water people drink will become safer.In 1902, Belgium was the first country to use chlorine for public water supply.Almost every city in the world is using chlorine and other chemicals for water disinfection.
However, the application of these chemicals in clean water makes the taste and smell of the water unpleasant.Some public water treatment systems are not enough for purifying water.Sometimes contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans and chemicals flow into drinking water.
Therefore, residential water filters are becoming more and more popular.Water filtration is one of the most common ways to produce clean and safe water.Now, a process called reverse osmosis is used in water filtration.
Modern equipment such as residential water filters produced by Eagle Industries is now used in the home.What is reverse osmosis water filtration?In 1959, two researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, Sidney Loeb and Srinivasa Sourirajan, successfully used reverse osmosis (RO) filtered water for the first time.In their tests, a large amount of highly dissolved water was forced by pressure to pass through the synthetic RO film (from cellulose acetate polymer), which only allowed water molecules to pass through and rejected salt and other molecules.
Water filtration using RO shows that fresh water can be converted into clean drinking water, and later in 1965, the world\'s first commercial RO factory was built in California.Eagle Industries in Ontario sells reverse osmosis water filters.They also provide installation and maintenance services.
They believe that RO residential filters are effective in purifying water.Easy to install and easy to use.It can remove different types of contaminants.When the purified water passes through the hole of the RO film, the water contaminants are washed to the drain pipe.
Residential water filters that can be purchased at Eagle Industries are well designedEasy to use design
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