RO Pure Water Equipment

Reverse osmosis is also known as reverse osmosis, a membrane separation operation that separates the solvent from the solution with the pressure difference as the driving force. It is called reverse osmosis because it is in the opposite direction of natural infiltration. According to the different osmotic pressure of various materials, the reverse osmosis pressure, which is greater than osmotic pressure, can be used to achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification and enrichment. Reverse osmosis technology is commonly used for the desalination of seawater and brackish water; for the softening of water; for the treatment of waste water; and for the purification, concentration and separation of food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Ultra-Pure Water Equipment

Ultrapure water, used to develop ultra-pure materials (semiconductor materials, Nanoscale fine ceramic materials, etc.), is produced using distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, or other appropriate supercritical finesse technology, with resistivity greater than 18 MΩ* cm, or close to the limit of 18.3 MΩ*cm (25°C). Ultrapure water is suitable for: (1) electronics, power, electroplating, biology, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, chemical, steel, glass, etc.; (2) Chemical process water, chemical agents, cosmetics, etc.; (3) Single crystal silicon, semiconductor wafer cutting manufacturing, semiconductor chips, semiconductor packages, integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays and other production processes.

Softened Water

The hardness of water is mainly composed of calcium and magnesium ions. When raw water containing hardness ions passes through the resin layer in the water softener, calcium and magnesium ions in the water are adsorbed by resin exchange, and at the same time, sodium ions are released from the substance. The water that flows out of the water softener is demineralized water that removes hardness ions, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing scale formation.

Ultrafiltration Equipment 

Ultrafiltration is a membrane separation device, but the membrane is much smaller than the microporous membrane and it filters bacteria, viruses, colloids and small molecular weight particles. It is used at room temperature and has reliable filtration performance and high accuracy. It can achieve separation, concentration and purification without the need of adding drugs. It is widely used in food, dairy concentrate, reverse osmosis pretreatment, surface water and well water treatment.

Laminated Filter

Stacked filter consists of filter unit, controller, solenoid valve, three-way hydraulic valve and other components. With special filters, the product does not need filter material, and has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, and small footprint. The dirt collector can form a huge suction force during flushing and effectively clean up the dirt. It is suitable for occasions which require large flow of filtered water, such as circulating water in municipal utilities, power plants, and metallurgical industries.

Multimedium Filter

 The multi-media filter is mainly used to remove the suspended special, free chlorine, iron and manganese ions, organic matter and color in water. This equipment is used together with other water treatment equipment, and is a pretreatment equipment for softening and desalinating system to make the pure water process. It is used in various water treatment projects such as water purification, circulation purification, and sewage treatment.

Water Supply Equipment of Constant Pressure

Constant pressure water supply equipment is the safest and most reliable constant pressure device for hot water boilers, high and low temperature heating systems, boiler room, heat exchange station heating systems, and air conditioning cold and hot water systems. It is used in large-scale high and low temperature hot water heating systems for industrial and mining enterprises, high-temperature water heating systems for thermal power plants, central heating systems for residential quarters, and cold and hot water air-conditioning systems.


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