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5 stage reverse osmosis Household water purifier equipment

5 stage reverse osmosis Household water purifier equipment
5 stage reverse osmosis system
5 stage reverse osmosis system
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The principle process of water passage of the machine:


The pressure of raw water must be greater than 0.2Kg/cm2 because of a spare part in the 

pure water machine. If the pressure is lower than this, the pure water machine will not start

 the water. The raw water enters the pure water machine through the inlet three ways. There

 is a 2 points (3 points) on the inlet tee small ball valve - inlet ball valve, its main role is: in the

 water water machine water leakage or pure water machine waste water flow does not stop 

under the situation cut off the raw water source of pure water machine, waiting for professional 

technical personnel to deal with.


Through the inlet ball valve after you came to the first level of pure water machine filter - PPF, 

its diameter is 5 microns, can filter out the sediment in the water, rust, colloid, and greater than

 5 micron particulate impurities, it is the main raw material for polypropylene, by high temperature

 dissolving, wire drawing and winding, formed by replacement of life between 3 to 6 months, 

according to the local water quality. We have just started to say why the water pressure must be

 greater than 0.2 Kg/cm2 because after the water electromagnetic valve through a electrical

 components, low voltage switch, it under normal circumstances is in a state of closed for a long time, 

but when the raw water pressure is less than 0.2 Kg/cm2 and under the condition of water, it will 

disconnect the circuit system of pure water machine disconnect, prevent the back of the idle 

high-pressure pump. After the low pressure switch to the inlet solenoid valve, its internal is made 

of copper wire wound, in the moment of electrification formed electromagnet will be metal plug 

suction to make the water channel smooth, pure water machine power after magnetic disappear,

 the metal plug will fall again to cut off the water channel.


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